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AT A TIME  -Yvette Araujo

#Shero Contest 2019

WomanStrong Presents:

 As women and men we all have been influenced by our mother's, daughters, and sisters that stand strong everyday to be our own personal SHEroes(Heroes).  WomenStrong would like to take the time to honor these unsung SHEros.  Please tell us about a SHEro that you believe deserves recognition.

1 paragraph on why you or someone you know that is a Shero 2019

Entries due by December 15

1st 50 Visa 

2nd 25 Visa

3rd Bath and Body Works gift card 

Entries sent to 🦋


Woman Strong Retreat 2019

Therapeutic sound bath for our WomanStrong Retreat participates.  

Pepper Jay

Woman Strong 2019

A self-retreat with other women that are here to fuel their passions or just "get away" from their everyday grind



Yvette Araujo

Standing Strong


Run strong

Bianca's Journey 

Love, your son Steve

Steve Ragland

Follow Your Dreams!

Judy Conn

Like attracts Like...

Judy Conn

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