Emilee Garfield

About me

Emilee is a 2x cancer thriver and her passion is helping women in cancer recovery reclaim their strength & hope. She is a Cancer Recovery Coach and teaches that movement is medicine.

She was first diagnosed at age 4 with a rare childhood cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma, and beat the odds. In 2015, she was diagnosed again with a secondary cancer: stage 3c ovarian cancer. 

Emilee's book, Reclaim Your Strength and Hope: Exercises for Cancer Core Recovery, filled a void of resources to help patients recovering from major abdominal surgery, and those living with an ostomy, learn how to recover safely without creating injuries. 

In 2016, Emilee founded The Cancer Core Recovery® Project, a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) foundation that provides educational exercise programs, workout videos and instructional training manuals to help survivors of ovarian cancer enjoy a better quality of life.

Emilee has been teaching yoga and Pilates for 20 years at her studio in Santa Barbara, CA. She's available for private and group movement sessions online as well. She is a certified Live A New Life Story Coach and offers both in-person and online coaching for women who want to become the hero of their own life story. 

To work with Emilee and learn more about her programs for cancer survivors, visit her website:  www.emileegarfield.com

Help a cancer survivor reclaim their strength & hope by donating to: 
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Emilee Garfield

Emilee Garfield