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Founder of Ground Floor Productions which produced talk show Sister Blvd in 2000 and which aired on PAX network before it was bought out by Hallmark, Yvette Araujo recrafted her efforts and talents to create Trinity Films Productions in 2006.

Yvette was born Eunice Bundrage to a Cuban mother and a Sicilian father. She was raised in the United States and the Netherlands. Her birth father Charles Shell. The youngest of six children, Yvette has traveled extensively throughout the world; most recently through the United States as she is invited to conduct book signings for the four books she has written, three in Fallen the Book Series and the short biopic, Over the Rainbow, Diary of a Black Girl. 

Two time cancer survivor. She is now five years remission. 

"Life", Yvette says, "has a way of keeping you humble. You gravitate toward its light and it makes you learn its lessons - in whatever form they arrive."

She continues to write and produce and has the support of strong women in the industry. Producer Pepper Jay is one of those strong women whom Yvette greatly admires.



Yvette Araujo

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